Love is in the Blood: Acquiesce – Chapter 25

Chapter Twenty Five – After Story 1 – Acquired

 An orange Seventies muscle car leaps into the air on a hilly, bumpy, street. It lands with a crunch and speeds off into the night. Seconds later a German luxury car jumps over the same hill in pursuit.

In the lead car Doctor Laila McCarthy looks over at Colonel Kimberly “Kimmy” Roberts and frowns. “A car chase?” Laila asks. “Really?”

“Yup!” Kimmy replies. “Looks like it.”

“Come to San Francisco, you said. We will have a few laughs, you said. Acquire a vase… no problem, you said.”

The second car is catching up to the first and moving to the passenger side to pass. Kimmy yanks the wheel and cuts them off.

“Well, I guess I lied. Because you know I did this on purpose!”

“Oh, stop it. I meant it is another secret mission that does not seem so secret.”

“Yeah, they definitely knew we were coming. At least you sprang us from their trap back at the mansion. Now it’s my turn.” She suddenly makes a left turn and stomps on the accelerator as the car straightens out.

The chase car approaches the bumper of Kimmy’s car. Laila looks around and see both occupants are human men wearing dark suits and glasses.

“Are we sure these are the guys we stole it from?”

“Who cares?! We can’t let them have it.”

Laila peeks into the back seat where a large ancient vase is mostly wrapped in blankets and sticking out of a large two-handled gym bag. “We are keeping the package. I do not care what they try.”

Suddenly the passenger in the second car leans out the window and begins firing a pistol in the direction of Laila and Kimmy. Fortunately the bumpy streets prevents a clean shot and only a few make contact. Most of them bounce harmlessly off the rear window.

“Gyaaaa!” Laila yells as one of the stray bullet hits the mirror on the door outside her windows and the glass shatters.

“Guns?” Laila yells. “They are shooting at us now!”

“Why can’t you drive?”


“You are older than cars. You should be able to drive so I can shoot back. You know, you hold the steering wheel while I have out the window and fire back? Like in the old cops and robbers movies?”

She turns they wheel and they go skidding around a corner. The second car falls back at first, but soon begins closing the distance again.

“First of all, it never seemed important. I was never in that big of a hurry to get anywhere. Second of all, we are the robbers here! You know how that always turns out in old movies.”

Kimmy checks the rear-view mirror and jerks the car over to keep the other car from passing.

“Do you really think that would help?” Laila asks.

“It couldn’t hurt. You’re a vampire. No big deal if they shoot you.”


“You wouldn’t be stopped by that.”

“Okay, then… Stop the car.”

“Don’t be a baby.”

“I said stop the damned car!”

Kimmy jams her foot down on the brake pedal and the car screeches to a halt. The second car flies past before they step on the brakes. The car spins around and faces Laila and Kimmy.

“Fine. Time to be a vampire.”

Laila jumps out of the car with her sword and jams it into her belt. She runs forward as the two men are getting out of their car. She reaches down and picks up a manhole cover. The cover becomes a shield when the men begin shooting at her.


The bullets bounce off.


The men fire again and this time some of the bullets reach Laila’s arm. She roars in pain.

Laila swings back the manhole cover and slings it forward the way a discus-thrower would.

The two men in suits dive behind the car as the manhole cover smashes into the grill. It hits the motor with a loud “thump!” Oil and gas gegin leaking onto the ground. Since the two men are standing on the side near the curb, the fluids run down and surround them.

Laila draws her sword and runs toward them so fast they do not see her. She zooms by and drags her sword on the ground making sparks that catch the liquid on fire.


The men and the car are engulfed in flame. Laila rushes back to Kimmy’s side and they both duck behind the car door.


Just then a big explosion throws the car into the air and it crashes back down on top of the two burning men.

“Well, at least they didn’t suffer long.” Kimmy says as she looks over at Kimmy. “And what the hell, did you summon some kind of super vampire strength?”

“I did what I had to do to get you not shot.” Laila says and looks down at the ground. “Since I’m no big deal.”

Kimmy puts her hand on Laila’s shoulder. “You know I didn’t mean it that way. Does it still hurt?”

“Yes, it does!” Laila exclaims. She looks down at the disappearing bullet holes in her arm. “Not so much now. Okay, I see what you mean. You could not heal like this.”

Kimmy takes her phone out of the back pocket of her jeans. She punches in a number. “Roberts here. I need a cleanup.” She taps in more numbers. “Sending coordinates now. And don’t worry, the party was crashed but we kept the goody bag.”

“Uh, oh.” Laila says, putting a hand up to her ear. “We have incoming. Several cars, and they are in a hurry.”

Laila walks around to the passenger side, being careful not to fall in the hole in the street where the cover used to be. She reaches toward the backseat and pushes the vase down into the bag and zips it up. She scoots it closer to the door but leaves it on the seat.

A rather plain black sedan screeches to a halt in front of Kimmy’s car. Two men in dark suits jump out, but they do not have weapons. One runs up holding his badge in front of him.

“Colonel Roberts? I’m Agent Lynch of Homeland Security.” Says the man with the badge.

“Lynch, huh? Sure you are.” Kimmy replies.

The man puts the badge in his inside jacket pocket, then pulls a folded piece of paper from the pocket on the other side.

“I have a Presidential order to take possession of the Urn of Enki.” Lynch says.

“I have orders from the United Nations Special Forces Command. You can’t have the urn, Lynch.”

“But you are on American soil, Colonel!”

“Well, if you two big men think you can take it away, then you are welcome to try.”

Three more cars come screeching to a halt surrounding Kimmy and her car. Several men jump out of each vehicle and run toward Kimmy’s car.

The immediately begin searching the front and back seats, trunk, hood, everywhere in and around the car. Kimmy stands smiling with her arms folded watching the search.

Several minutes later. “It’s not here, Agent Lynch!”


“We’ve looked everywhere and the urn is not here.”

Kimmy reaches over and pats Lynch on the shoulder. “Have a nice night, Agent Lynch of Homeland Security.”

The men get in their cars and drive away.

Kimmy walks around to the other side of the car, then looks around to make sure everyone is out of sight.

“Okay, you can come out now.” She reaches a hand down into the manhole in the street. With her help, Laila springs up and out of the hole to stand beside the car.

“What do you think, CIA?” Laila asks.

“Oh, definitely CIA. It’s not the first time I’ve had this kind of trouble.” Kimmy replies

“And the first two?”

“They definitely worked for the Sheik we took the urn from.” Sirens in the distance are getting louder. “Come on, we need to get out of here.”

Laila tosses the bag into the back seat and they get in the car and drive away leaving the burning wreckage behind.


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