Love is in the Blood: Acquiesce – Chapter 27

Chapter Twenty Seven – After Story 3 – Betrayal

A massive, secure building at the corner of Peachtree and Peachtree houses the Bureau of Evil Elimination. Several Justice Department and other federal government have their offices there. It looks every bit the government building it is.

The Library is a large multi-purpose room in the BEE offices. It serves as a museum and laboratory as well as a library. The workbench area is the domain of Special Agent William Winters. Along with William are his older sister and boss, Joan Winters, plus Agent Lynch. He is quite animated in the conversation while Joan and William are spending their time eye-rolling.

“She won’t listen to us.” William sighs.

“But you’ve worked with her many times.” Lynch says. “You even grew up together.”

“Yeah, well, familiarity breeds contempt, I guess.” Joan smirks.

“What?” Lynch asks. “Aren’t you two…”

“No!” Joan cuts him off and steps toward Lynch.

William steps between the two. “We had a mission go bad,“ he explains. “Feelings were hurt, and worse, stitches were needed.”

“Besides,” Joan folds her arms and continues. “Kimmy, er, Colonel Roberts is an ‘ask forgiveness, not permission’ kind of person.”

“She won’t listen to us.” William adds. “She never has and she never will.”

“That idiot gave me a fifteen minute warning when she went for the urn. Or so I hear, what she told me wasn’t an admission. She didn’t clear the mission with the San Francisco office. Right under their noses.” Joan says. “All by herself too.”

“No, she wasn’t alone.” Lynch explains. “I think she’s under the thrall of a certain lady vampire.”

“Pffft. Those two idiots deserve each other.” Joan says and shakes her head. “There is no thrall needed between those two. It’s mutual.”

“I wouldn’t think you would want them together,” Lynch side-glances at Joan. “Not professionally and definitely not personally.”

“I don’t care what those idiots do as long as it doesn’t blow any of our cases or put any agents into danger.” She looks at William who studies his shoes.

“Professor McCarthy is not just any vampire.” Lynch says. “She is not to be trusted.”

“What, you think I’m under her thrall too? I can assure you I’m not. William maybe, but not me. I don’t trust her as far as I could throw her.”

“WE don’t trust you either, Lynch.”  Laila is now standing between Joan and Lynch. All three jump back.

“Damn it. I hate when you do that.” William says. He then chuckles as he sees how red Joan’s face has become.”

“You’re proving our point!” Joan shouts at Laila as she takes a couple more steps back. “You’re being a sneaky vampire… sneak.”

“I don’t trust any vampire that wears a sword all the time.” Lynch steps over next to Joan, leaving William standing by Laila.

“Let us talk about trust.” Laila says. “Kimmy and I were ambushed twice in San Francisco. Once by unknown thugs and then you and your thugs, Lynch. Those guys looked more CIA than Homeland Security.”

Lynch clears his throat. “Well, all the agencies work together now. And the dress code is similar.”

William laughs at that statement. “Ha! You don’t see me wearing a suit and sunglasses. And I work with any agency that needs me. But then, I’m not a thug like the people you use.”

Laila walks over to Lynch, he takes two steps back. “I am not sure that first car was not full of your mercenaries. I bet you found them in the back of a magazine.”

So you admit you stole the Urn!” Lynch takes two more steps back.

“I admit nothing, Lynch. Except that Kimmy and I were attacked twice without provocation.”

“You killed everyone in that car. If they were my agents you would already be under arrest. In fact…” Lynch reaches into his jacket’s inside pocket and pulls out folded papers. “Oh, wait. I do have a warrant for your arrest.”

Laila snatches it out of his hands and tears the warrant into pieces. She lets them drop to the floor. Lynch watches aghast as they flutter down.

“What? But…! That’s…!” Lynch sputters.

“Oh, please. Kimmy called General Hammond and the judge rescinded that warrant before you reached your car.”

Laila draws her sword. “He also left a voicemail at your office that I was coming here with the Urn and the Sword of Pazuzu. Neither of which I have, of course.”

Lynch runs around to stand behind William.

“You might want to grab some weapons.” Laila says as shadows appear against the ceiling skylights. “We have incoming.”

All six large windows shatter at once and soldiers clad in all black rappel down ropes which have just dropped their ends to the floor. They are wearing helmets and goggles same as the average S.W.A.T. team would wear. They are also carrying large sub-machine guns with short barrels.

As the first soldier hits the ground, Laila springs toward him. Before he can raise his gun she has swung her sword up cutting across his chest. Then the return stroke sinks into the shoulder on the side holding the gun. He and the gun drop to the floor. Laila see pointed ears and swings the sword again taking his head off. The soldier begins melting to the floor.

In the meantime, William has thrown a large stone at the attacker nearest him. It makes contact with the goggles, shattering them. He grabs a sword from the workbench and steps forward to stab the soldier in the heart. He falls to the floor.

The remaining four soldiers open fire.  Everyone dives behind counters, shelves, and whatever is nearby that can act as a shield. Except for Laila who swings down with her sword cutting a soldiers arm off at the elbow. The forearm and the gun fall to the floor. She swings again and takes his head off. The other two soldiers have stopped firing and are searching the area.

From his hiding place, Lynch shouts, “Why are they attacking us?”

“They tapped your phone. They are looking for the Sword and Urn.”

“I called my office to ask for backup. Oh, wait. They heard that… Our attackers will send more also.”

“Don’t worry.” Laila shouts back. “The room cannot hold many more commandos.”

The two soldiers who Laila has cut apart have their pieces pulled back together and are standing up and join the search.

“Oh, this isn’t good.” William says from behind a bookshelf. “I hate zombies.”

Behind the main workbench Joan has her phone out. “Hello, is this Agent Lynch’s office?” She pauses. “Good. Whoever is listening, the sword and urn aren’t here. Just thought you’d want to know.” She hangs up and covers her head as items on the table are shoved off onto her.

Just then, the soldiers stop, and drop to the ground. They are now laying on the floor, not moving.

After a moment of quiet, Lynch jumps up. “Those weren’t my men! Who were they?”

“They are not men.” Laila explains. “They are revenants. Bodies possessed by spirits and under the control of a mage.”

“Who would do such a thing?” Joan asks.

“Someone with at least some of the Urns of Enki.” Laila replies. “They allegedly were used to create man. Their power now is to make the dead rise.”

“Who told them the Urn was not here?” Laila asks.

“I did.” Answers Joan. “I was trying to save us.”

“Yeah, well you saved us from finding out who is controlling them. The connection is broken. William has powers, he might have been able to track back to the source.”

“Damn it. I thought I was doing us a favor.”

Laila takes her phone out of her jeans pocket and dials a number. “The plan failed, Kimmy. We did not find out who is after the Urn.”


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